CoronaVirus Conversation on How the Global Pandemic Hurts Locals, How You Can Help — Win! The Big Fight

Mayor Richard Thomas
3 min readMar 29, 2020

“The Big Fight” is a blog and vlog on the various fights we have to make life better.

The coronavirus has changed life as we know it and we are all in this “Big Fight” to defeat #COVID19 for a better life right now.

In this update, I offer condolences to the Davenport and Rivers families who lost loved ones to due to complications from the coronavirus.

Given the daily directions that the public is to stay at home to stop the spread and save lives, many are asking how long will the coronaVirus pandemic last?

National Geographic on “How Cities Flattened the Curve During the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic” | https://www.nationalgeographic
Source: National Geographic article on “How some cities ‘flattened the curve’ during the 1918 flu pandemic”

An article from #NationalGeographic suggests it could be many months and multiple waves of infection ahead. (LINK: In this CoronaVirus Conversation, “The Big Fight” takes on issues of: (i) landlords illegally locking out seniors; (ii) tests of faith — as this is God’s Will & God’s Wrath; (iii) how to help healthcare workers and first responders; (iv) homeschooling — teachers we miss you ❤; and (v) why public officials should be thinking big to strike a blow back at COVID19.

A few weeks ago, no one thought the global issue would hit home. Now that we find ourselves overwhelmed, the best thing to do is to heed the warnings of #stayhome to #stopthespread and #savelives. It worked in 1918. It will work again; however, unlike then… we are now more populated than ever. The below image of Johns Hopkins’ worldwide tracker of the #Coronavirus is alarming. It suggests that the virus is spreading in warm climates — an environmental condition that officials said would help stop the unknown contagion from spreading. The fact that infections are expanding in warmer areas merits more research by people much smarter than me… but it leads one to conclude that Covid19 is the only enemy we have.

Source: Johns Hopkins University of Medicine — Coronavirus Resource Center
Source: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Any other fight is not worth the time or energy. All efforts must be dedicated to setting up systems to support the health and welfare of communities and bolstering the development of medicines to immediately treat and ultimately eradicate the coronavirus.

Source: Johns Hopkins University of Medicine — Coronavirus Resource Center

In our next “The Big Fight” video, we are going to talk about the economy, institutional and systems failure, particularly during the 1918 Spanish Flu. I will also make a case for public officials to think bigger about the recovery agenda.

Now is the time for coalitions to petition the federal government to put up another round of funding to invest in major public works projects to restart the economy and create long-term jobs. We have the influence. We need to use our collective will to make it happen.



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