Imagine a Progressive Mount Vernon

Darren Prince, the famous celebrity sports agent told me that, “It is not that tough to swallow your pride and redeem your dignity another day. I was there when Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier looked back and said they could have been best friends and could have done so much more to make the world better. If those two can make up, then anybody can.”

After 3 years, lumps of coal, ashes, and switches keep coming from the City Council and Comptroller. It’s Christmas and this holiday, can we all just get along for the people?

Imagine that.

Imagine if the City Council listened to the federal Judge and “got on board” with supporting the vision for a revitalized Mount Vernon.

Imagine if the Comptroller played a productive role, not destructive, and worked collaboratively with us to build up Mount Vernon.

These thoughts should not be wishful thinking. They ought to be reality. Yet after 3 years we find ourselves trapped in a circular debate, fighting over who is supposed to fund basic government services like snow removal or finding the budget to complete the 2016 audit. One must question why is it so complicated? Especially when the solutions only require collaboration and a mix of smart and hard work ethics.

Imagine if they did not waste time 10 years ago, Memorial Field would have been done already. Imagine if the politics did not stop us from cleaning up our beloved park and if other decision-makers listened to what you said in the “Canal Village Revitalization Plan?” We would be well on our way to making the Hutch River Greenway into a destination to work, shop, live and play. The canal behind Memorial Field/Target is one of the busiest commercial ports outside of New York City. It is Mount Vernon’s secret weapon to DESTROY PROPERTY TAX PRESSURES by growing our tourism and transportation sectors. We can create a ferry operation to LaGuardia Airport in 30 minutes, Long Island City in 45 minutes as well as City Island in 15 minutes. From casual family dining to major sporting events (like the US OPEN), Mount Vernon is positioned to strengthen its internet-proof jobs economy and create long-term economic success for the hard-working people of the city.

Exploring Mount Vernon, NY’s Waterways!

Why is that so difficult to do? Imagine if the political sideshows stopped and the obstructionists allowed the action plans to be implemented. Our lives would be much, much better. Those dreadful MTA bridges dividing the city would have never closed and we would be discussing how to “Cover the Cut,” transforming our downtown into a green urban park to rival the West Side of Manhattan, competing with the likes of the Highline and Hudson Yards Projects to become a smart city.

Mayor August P. Petrillo’s 1976 Plan to Cover the Cut

It is not that difficult to build new bridges, nor is it tough to cross them.

Other neighboring municipalities have built new parks, new buildings, new bridges and are investing their time and energy into seizing new opportunities for their people. Why must the people of Mount Vernon suffer and wait?

Teamsters Local 456 Reaction To DPW Tree Truck

Taken Back Due To Unpaid Bills

As a father, husband, Mayor, and son of Mount Vernon, I will not give up on the promise of Mount Vernon’s bright future! I will not stop fighting for every progressive inch and invite you to join the movement to make Mount Vernon magnificent again! Dreams without goals remain dreams. It’s time to wake up and start doing the work of the people. It’s time to turn things imagined into the new reality for our rising, shining city. Glory is before us. The task is for all of us to encourage the City Council and Comptroller to embrace new and proven ideas, as well as work harder to collaborate and smarter to problem solve together. In doing so, we can right the future and move our beloved city forward!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy Holiday!


At 33, Richard Thomas is the youngest Mayor in Mount Vernon history! (2016–2019) Facebook: