Is President Donald Trump’s Impeachment Rigged?

Mayor Richard Thomas
2 min readFeb 4, 2020

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I was watching the closing arguments of impeachment of President Donald Trump yesterday. And I could not be more proud of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Rep. Adam Schiff for making a compelling case; however, we all know it is not going to happen. I do wish the impeachment was about us… the people of America and not a delayed payment of our treasure to Ukraine. I was hoping the Democrats would mention how monies for education never arrived back in New York from Washington or how resources to restore power in Puerto Rico never departed the mainland to help them get the lights back on. Can someone please enlighten me on why “Ukraine” is the only reason for impeachment when so many other reasons exist? Is it all rigged? If so, then what are you going to do to make it work for the people?

Here are some comments I got in response to these questions:

Rossi Frank: Stock market at all time record highs !! 401K’s have gone sky high !!!!! Stores so crowded, restaurants jam packed, everyone is spending money. All is great!

Mayor Richard Thomas: Is this the high before the fall? There are some economic fundamentals that give me pause. There is also the history of going into bankruptcy to restructure that Trump has left behind. Maybe now is a good time to check in with Atlantic City? Hopefully, President Trump cam keep the good times rolling. There is no need for another downturn.

Devon Gordon: Watching the trial intermittently, it was apparent that one side made appeals to law and precedent, while the other side used emotional trigger words. In matters such as this, I am not swayed by appeals to emotion.

Michael Garrett Jr.: It’s rigged as they need him to stay in to line they pockets.

Mayor Richard Thomas: Michael Garrett Jr. How can it be rigged? Wasn’t the process followed?

Michael Garrett Jr.: Mayor Richard Thomas I believe they don’t want him out of office. So the process is to please a few people not to remove him.

James Bodenhofer: Of course that’s the stupid thing they would say.

Maddy Kendrix: Trump is fiddling while Rome burns!! Look around!!!

Rossi Frank: Republicans do an awful underground private trial in such a rush and now try to blame the Senate. The Republicans in the house should have done a better job.

Ah Ne: We trade morals, Values, dignity, respect for Money and Power!!…A lot of people don’t seem to care about the racism, the dirt, the lies, and other things this president has brought into the White House….All they care is about are the financial gains.



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