Solution to Mount Vernon’s Tax Certiorari Issues

Did you know that the City of Mount Vernon lost over $300,000 in just 20 minutes? During last Tuesday’s Board of Estimate and Contract meeting, the city paid out $300,000 due to tax certiorari proceedings. Tax certiorari is a legal process by which property owners can challenge how much they are being taxed and, if successful, lower their tax rate.

Every year, Mount Vernon budgets over $1 million for this process with most of the benefits going to commercial property owners, leaving the average homeowner stuck with the tab.

Instead of writing hundreds of thousands in checks, the city needs to focus on getting property values right and taxes lower.

Mayor Richard Thomas and Assessor Stephanie Vanderpool discussed the best way to stop the bleeding and the consensus was a “revaluation”. A revaluation is a process by which a city looks at all the properties within its borders and assesses the true market value of each property and adjust the taxes on these properties accordingly. Revaluation ensures that all property owners pay what their property is truly worth. A revaluation would cost less than what the city is spending on tax certiorari each year.

It’s a win, win and creates a level playing field for homeowners.

The taxpayers who are making the biggest dents in our city budget with tax certiorari are commercial properties which are in fact just shifting more and more of the tax burden onto renters and homeowners.

Any CPA knows that this reckless financial policy of this city’s monies is costing the city millions of dollars and we need to stop the bleeding now!

Click here and skip ahead to 13:20 to see Tuesday’s Board of Estimate and Contract meeting discussion on Tax Certiorari.

Mount Vernon Police Youth Academy at Roc Nation Records

Detective Dave Clarke & the kids from his Mount Vernon Police Department’s Youth Police Academy took their final informational trip on Thursday and visited one of the biggest names in the music industry, Roc Nation Records. Roc Nation is the home base and heart of operations for artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna, DJ Khaled and so many more.

The Youth Academy met with members from the marketing division and learned about some of the marketing campaigns for products like Rihanna’s latest perfume “Kiss”, the organizers behind the latest Made In America tour, and the cutting edge thinkers of Tidal.

Summer Youth Employment & Training Programs End of Summer Celebration

On August 10, 2017, the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau hosted its Annual End of Year Celebration at the Doles Center from 9:30 am — 2:00 pm. Motivational Guest Speaker, John S. Thompson II, a marketing maven who has worked with luxury brands such as Donna Karen and Versace, gave an empowering talk to our young people. He encouraged them to follow their dreams fiercely and with a spirit of resiliency. Additionally, Guest Speakers Sergeant Jennifer Carpenter and Detective Patrick Jean-Jerome from the Mount Vernon Police Department and Amin Muhammad, a Criminal Investigator with the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office spoke about what to do or say when you have an encounter with a police officer. Michael S.J. Turner, Client Relationship Manager at New York State Higher Education Services Corporation, spoke about Governor Andrew Cuomo’s initiative, the Excelsior Scholarship, the first in the nation tuition-free program for students attending any of New York’s public colleges or universities for families making up to $125,000 a year. All guest speakers were united in their support for the My Brother’s Keeper initiative and the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau’s theme “Be the Change.”

Mount Vernon Mayor’s Scholarship Award Ceremony

This past Monday evening, Mayor Richard Thomas and Mary Fleming, Director of the Mayor’s Scholarship Program, hosted the winners of the Mayor’s Scholarship for anaward ceremony and reception at City Hall. The event included presenting certificates to each of the individual recipients, remarks from Mayor Thomas, and a keynote speech from Dr. Ronald O’Neal, one of the key architects of the scholarship program created by Mayor Tom Sharpe in the early 70’s. The importance of this award wasn’t lost on anyone in the room, especially not Mayor Thomas, a former Mayor’s Scholarship recipient himself.

The event included presenting certificates to all our hard-working students deserve some fun before they head back to another school year. Click here to see a video from last years Slide the City.

Entrepreneurship Summer Academy Final Competition

On August 10, 2017, the Entrepreneurship Summer Academy had their 10th Annual Final Competition at Westchester Community College — Mount Vernon Extension. The five finalists presented their products before a panel of seven judges, while family and friends shared in the excitement from the audience. The top three winners were awarded cash price from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship; $200 for first place winner Jannah Sharpe, $100 for second place winner Jayna Randolph and $50 for third place winner KenaMaat Amkhmeni.

Slide The City Just 1 Week Away!

Everyone get ready, Slide the City is coming back in Mount Vernon! We will be the only city in the New York City/lower Hudson Valley region to feature the 1,000 foot slip n’ slide in just 7 days! Saturday August 26th, men, women, and kids of all ages will slide down the record setting “Slip&Slide”. Passes are selling out quickly so make sure to get yours today. Prices may rise as the big day approaches so be sure to get them early. Come join us for the 2nd annual Mount Vernon Slide the City! Watch video from last year!

Click here or visit:

Mayor Richard Thomas Visits Youth Basketball Clinic

On Tuesday, Mayor Thomas visited Mount Vernon High School to speak with the kids in the summer basketball clinic. The talk was meant to keep the youth informed and to engage them to get involved by writing letters to youth basketball teams from other countries inviting them to visit Mount Vernon and play in a Mount Vernon basketball tournament. Click here to see Mayor Thomas’ talk with the youth basketball clinic.

Listen to us live:

Every week, Mayor Thomas speaks to Yonkers Tribune radio with host Hezi Aris: Catch this week’s interview here for an unvarnished look at what’s happening in Mount Vernon: Mayor Thomas also hosts Mount Vernon Moving Forward every Friday on WVOX, from 5pm to 6pm. You can listen to this week’s show here for an in-depth discussion about the what’s going on in Mount Vernon. On the Internet, tune in to Future 98.9 every Wednesday at 8:30am to listen to Mayor Thomas and Minister P. Tyson. You can find last week’s interview here. Fridays on Future FM, Mayor Thomas joins Father Gassy for Gloves On Gloves Off; listen to this weeks show here. On Tuesdays at 8am, you can hear Mayor Thomas on 101.5 Linkage Radio. Catch last week’s discussion here.





At 33, Richard Thomas is the youngest Mayor in Mount Vernon history! (2016–2019) Facebook:

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Mayor Richard Thomas

Mayor Richard Thomas

At 33, Richard Thomas is the youngest Mayor in Mount Vernon history! (2016–2019) Facebook:

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